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3 Important Reasons Why You Have To Worry About A Marital Affair

Marital affairs, emotional or physical, are just a part of life right? I mean, it’s 2018 and stepping out on your spouse is a common thing, some folks are saying. Just look at the news or search the internet and within minutes you will see a story about infidelity. Should you be worried? I hope you are. If not, you may be in for a rude awakening.

I can tell you from experience most couples don’t think an affair can enter their marriage until it does. Let’s be honest for at least the next few minutes. After that we can return to the land of make believe.

Here are a few honest facts/opinions about marital affairs;

  • Most folks don’t get married and plan to cheating
  • Every married person will be tempted to cheat at some point
  • It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to find a cheating partner
  • Affairs can happen anytime and anywhere
  • Cheaters often say they didn’t think they would be caught
  • Marital affairs wreck marriages, families and future generations

3 reasons why you have to worry about marital affairs

  1. You and your spouse will constantly have to defeat temptations to cheat
  2. Marital affairs can destroy your relationships and every aspect of your life
  3. It only takes one of you to fail and succumb to cheating

You will be tempted unless you live in compound with no access to the outside world. I’m sure that you know sex or sexy sells in today’s environment. Marketers are constantly pushing the envelope, to see, how much they can show you, without getting into trouble with the FCC.

Just take a trip to the mall or food store and I guarantee that you will be tempted. Thoughts begin to pop into your head about other peoples looks. That thought, if unchecked, can easily lead to the next step, which is acting on those thoughts. It’s extremely important that you don’t feed your temptation.

If you find yourself daydreaming, about someone else, shut down those thoughts or dreams. This will definitely help you avoid cheating. Fail to do so and you will be playing a dangerous game with your marriage and future.

A marital affair split up my parents when I was 5 years old. Only God knows how my life might have turned out different if my parents stayed together. There are numerous folks where I work who are divorced because of a summer fling. Co-parenting was not what they intended to do but now find themselves doing it. Not trying to be judgmental but is having an affair worth destroying a family over?

Hopefully, you might be mature enough to resist the temptation to cheat. However, your spouse might not be as strong and noble. Unfortunately, it only takes 1 person to ruin a blissful relationship. Please don’t be the person who cheats be you.

The best defense to handle cheating is to be on offense. Be on guard at all times and recognize and dismiss temptations that can lead to cheating. Don’t rationalize an un-requested shoulder massage as a friendly gesture. Remember that fantasizing is very dangerous and is fuel for temptation. It’s not innocent or healthy its gasoline waiting to be lit. A strong and healthy relationship is the key to resisting temptations.

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