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Extraordinary Love: On Exciting Anniversary Thoughts

Candlelit dinners, romantic walks in the park, or a date in the movies – these are what couples usually do when they celebrate their anniversaries. While these things can be romantic, surprise your sweetheart with something exciting to spice up your relationship. Think out of the box and look for unique ideas you can do on your special day. Surprise your partner with exciting and extraordinary getaways that will surely intensify your relationship.

Skydiving Thrill

Flying with your partner across the sky can now be a reality. Skydiving is a great way to jumpstart your adrenaline and feel the excitement of freefalling. This adventure allows you and your partner to explore new heights and experience amazing views from above the clouds.

A tandem skydive usually involves jumping from a height of 9,000 to 14,000 feet. The higher the jump, the longer you can experience the sensation of free-falling. During a tandem jump, you are connected to a harness with a skydiving instructor who will guide you through the free-fall. This is what you usually see on TV where the diver is tied to the front of the instructor.

There’s nothing like meeting up with your partner upon landing and celebrating the fact that you’ve both experienced life’s ultimate rush.

Hot Air Balloon Romance

Although uniquely old-fashioned, a hot air balloon adventure can bring many memories you and your sweetheart can cherish for years to come. It is an ideal way of spending quality time without having to worry about the trouble and noise from the city. With the wind as your navigator, you can travel across a certain distance and see the extraordinary views of the city. A hot air balloon ride usually lasts for at most two to four hours, depending on the package offered by the travel company. To make the event more romantic, ask the company what extras they can offer. Slip in a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolate you and your partner can share while enjoying the view.

Ocean Experience

Going on a beach vacation is also a great way to get closer to your sweetheart. Set sail for a memorable ocean adventure with your sweetheart. Go aboard a cruise to the Caribbean to experience ultimate relaxation like no other. Take a swim with the dolphins and uncover the astonishing marine life with your partner. You can also enjoy wakeboarding, parasailing, and sea kayaking to experience your adrenaline rush. While out in the ocean, prepare dinner and set sail under the glow of the moonlight to set the mood and make the event more special.

Mountain Adventure

Hiking and camping are among the most exciting things couples should try. These allow you and your partner to explore the wonders of nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the lush rainforests and fresh air as you hike and camp in the mountains. Cuddle around the campfire for a romantic evening with nature. Feel the thrill of other camping activities such as fishing, mountain climbing, and zip lining.

Additional tips

Throw in a few extra surprises to make the experience more unforgettable. Record every moment of the adventure so you can cherish the experience with your sweetheart for more years to come.

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