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Four (4) Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Anniversary Gift For Your Spouse

Giving gifts is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Be it birthday, graduation, for landing a new job or to show gratitude, be it valentine, Christmas, New Year or anniversary, a gift is a representation of the love, care and appreciation the giver feels for the recipient.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Anniversary Gift For Your Spouse

Finding a present for your partner can be quite tricky sometimes. After all, a wedding anniversary is no ordinary event as each milestone signifies the amount of time you’ve been together as a married couple and the wealth of experience you both shared.

Below is a quick guide on the factors that will help you determine which kind of present is ideal for your spouse on this special day.

  1. Base it on the number of years you have been married. Is this your first year? Give her a gold bracelet and engrave it with something like “To my lovely [wife’s name] on our first year, with much love [your name]”. If it’s your second, surprise her with two things: treat her to a date of dancing and some jazz music and couple it with a garnet necklace to remember the night. If it’s your third, how about an out-of-town trip to three of her favorite cities?
  2. Base it on your wedding. Is there something amiss during that day? This is the perfect opportunity to correct whatever it was that did not go well then. Suppose you were under a strict budget that’s why it was just a civil ceremony then. Why not plan a formal event this time and hold a renewal at Rockwell Tent, for example? Do it as if you’re tying the knot again, complete with the service and all the catering services afterwards.
  3. Base it on the theme. When it comes to anniversaries, you can take a page out of the book of traditional or modern themes. For instance, wood is given traditionally every 5th wedding anniversaries whereas silverware is a contemporary or modern alternative. The same applies for the 30th celebration where pearl is for the former and diamond is for the latter.
  4. Base it on the promise you made while you were still new couples. Was there an instance when you were weaving dreams on what you’ll both do when you get married? Like giving her her dream garden, or traveling together to the most romantic city in the world? Why not fulfill that promise during your anniversary?

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