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Are You His Priority or He Is Too Busy to Love You?

Relationships are mutual bond and cannot be handle single-handedly. Accordingly, you always need both individuals to contribute and grow together. But sometimes it becomes very difficult and clouds of insecurities engulf you in difficult times.

So, what should you do?

Should you let these insecurities flood dreadful emotions in your relations and de-root all love that is left between you or you should take control and move ahead to build it strong. I will always choose the latter because I don’t believe in giving up on my relationship until there still hope left. I know it sounds too optimistic but I truly believe that no one is perfect it is how much we want to adjust with the individual. Mutual grounds have to be sometimes created in its absence.

Let me outline a few good indicators to judge that is he really serious and committed to your relationship as much you deserve. Is he making a little effort to hold you back in his life? Is he still into you or maybe you need to take some break and breathe in some fresh air?

Even if he is busy, he makes a little effort to stay in touch

Yes, maybe he is actually busy but does he make small gestures like texting you a smiley or a heart while rushing to a huge event or have small tea talks to keep you informed and ask you about your wellbeing. I am not saying whether he gives you a call for an hour or not but a small call of a min or two also will make the difference. If he does it trust me these are better signs than fighting over the long call-in weekend.

Your opinion matters

So, maybe he does not always ask you the t-shirt he should be wearing or the dates he should travel to. However, while making a bigger decision that might impact you both and your relationship, he consults you believe me the love is still there.

He loves it when you like it

He still makes genuine efforts to enjoy with you and make you feel special whenever he can. This matters the most and will help you find if he thinks about you when he is not around you.

You see respect in his eyes

Mutually you should always respect each other because respect is the foundation of all relationships. No matter what he might cut you short but be apologetic about it and treat you like his lady love. This should make the difference and make you feel incredible

He never avoids you and proves to be a good listener

So, it’s clear he is busy but he needs to make it up to you when you need him. So even if he is not available immediately when something happens but listens to you whenever you can.

He supports you in your dreams

He is no god to you and there is nothing that he is helping you achieve your dream as a favor. Rather, expect him to be supportive of your dreams and contribute to building a better you to achieve them.

You are his priority

Whenever he returns back from work and he gets his me-time you are the first thing in his mind or at least in top 5. Give him space to breathe but you would expect attention from him every now and then. So, if he is nose to the grindstone sucked at work, he might not be expressive about his love every moment but will need to have a balance created to not make you feel secluded and alone

Just being physical is not the motive. He makes efforts to help you even when it is not convenient.You both are a part of each other’s life.

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