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The Dangers of Bad Company

1 Corinthians 15:33

“Don’t be deceived, bad company corrupts good habits.”

What does it mean to be deceived?

It means to be misled.

If you will open your eyes to observe life around you, you will learn about life and how other people live their lives. It will give you the ability to make better choices and reduce your chances of being.

Bad company will lead you astray.

There is an expectation with every group of people you hang around with and it is this; they will expect you to conform to their mindset and this will lead you to conform to their behaviour patterns. This is applicable whether the group has good or bad values. It is up to you to use your commonsense.

What is bad company?

That is a company that is involved in activity which you know is wrong and this may not necessarily be illegal.

Bad company will corrupt you.

What does corrupt mean?

According to the Collins School Dictionary Corrupt means, “To corrupt someone is to make them dishonest or immoral.”

You may be doing all of the right things, you don’t smoke and only have the occasional drink, have a job, and go to church but then begin to hangout with someone who does not know God and is involved in activity which you have been taught is wrong. It will not be long before their lifestyle becomes part of yours.

At first the changes in your mindset is negligible but day by day just as a dripping hot water tap will use up all of the hot water one drip at a time, your lifestyle will gradually change to a point when you have more in common with sinners than you have with your church brothers and sisters.

Finally what are habits?

They are a pattern of behaviour you have developed during your lifetime; they can be good habits or bad habits.

A good habit is to have the habit of saving money from your wages for future prosperity while a bad habit is to spend every single penny you earn and borrow for stuff you cannot afford to buy.

Some scriptures translations replace the word habit with character.

Character is who they are but reputation is what people say about you.

“You can tell a person’s character by the company they keep,” my father sometimes said and it is true.

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