- Divorce

Heal My Broken Heart God

As if I wasn’t good enough, he married another… without warning, he didn’t bother to let me know that he had decided to savagely betray me in the midst of my wedding preparations.

As if I wasn’t good enough, he chose another, richer they say, as if money is what seals two hearts together in the communion of marriage.

As If I wasn’t good enough, on the Eve of what I had hoped to be a new Life Together as man and wife, he lied openly to me, most likely cheated on me and left me hanging with my shame and sorrow. Mostly with my shame.

As if I wasn’t going enough, he humiliated me and left me with a million unanswered questions.

As if I wasn’t good enough, as if I didn’t have a living heart that bleeds, he openly shared his life event on Facebook, posted pictures of his wife & rich wedding to let me find out about his mischievous act… Online…

As If I wasn’t good enough, he cowardly stayed Silent while I suffered, while I cried myself to sleep for nights, while I prayed many times in the middle of the night with countless tears in my eyes and an invisible sword of betrayal piercing my already wounded heart.

As if I wasn’t good enough, he left me on the battlefield of our “soon to be dead love”, dwelling in a river of blooded tears awaiting my “death.”

As if I wasn’t good enough, I allowed him to tear my heart into pieces and for months, I swam in an ocean of depression, regrets, pain, shame and guilt.

As if I wasn’t good enough… No wait… as if I was Good Enough, One Day, I decided to patch my wounds, bear my scars, accept my defeat and Rose Up.

I decided to bear my soul, my pain and started on the journey of Healing Myself, to discover my own beauty with my own eyes, to allow myself to BE, to LOVE ME wholly and wholeheartedly, to cherish myself because I AM more than Good Enough! So are You.

Queen Marième Faye

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