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Why You Need To Avoid Fake Friends

There are certain people you will meet in life who will try to put you down and limit your potential. You need to identify these people and avoid them like the plague. Their mere presence will have disastrous effects upon you as they will try to subvert you from your true goals in life.

Fake Friends

There could be a number of reasons that they want to stop you from doing what you want to in life. They could be jealous of what you can accomplish without them. Some people who you call “friends,” won’t want you to succeed as this will make them feel worse about their own circumstances. It will only reflect just how little they have accomplished in comparison. People like this will try to drag you down to their level. Inside, they wish they could be like you but they just don’t have the guts. They secretly want you to fail.

So you can come back to the couch and continue watching football with them. This will mean the two of you can feel comfortable together, in your own worthlessness. Of course there are true friends who want you to get what you want in life. They should be celebrated. This post isn’t about them though.

What to do next?

Surround yourself with people who won’t feel awkward when you get to where you want to be. This means you need people in your life who are completely comfortable with greatness. You need people who will be truly happy with your achievements. You need friends that won’t look at you and feel envious at what you have accomplished. True friends may not be where they want to be now. But, they must know where they want to be in the future and how to get there. It takes courage to know that you are on the right path. Greatness can mean a lot of things to different people. It could be creating a successful family, business, or finally getting in shape. It could be all three.

Take caution

We only have so much energy to give each and every day. The more you spend it on interacting with time wasters, the less energy that you get to spend on productive matters. This will damage every facet of your life. Having fake friends around you is like carrying a monkey on your back with a vice like grip. Every day will be more difficult than it needs to be. You’re suffering when you’re forced to interact with people who don’t respect you or the mission you are on. I often hear people complain about their friends. They’ll continually point the finger at them without ever once turning it on the person who is doing the pointing, themselves. Who you choose to associate with is a direct reflection of yourself. If you hang around with losers then more than likely, you yourself are a loser too. It doesn’t mean you can’t become something greater in the future though. That may begin with cutting out fake friends.

Stay loyal to your true friends

You shouldn’t leave a loyal friend out to dry when he is going through a rough patch. You should be there for him when he needs it the most. As a man you should try to lift him up like he would do to you. But, when after the dust has settled, he continues to feel sorry for himself and refuses to get the help he needs?

At some point you need to move on. If you are continually spending your time and efforts trying to help someone, there comes a point where you have to draw the line. When you begin to suffer as a result, an ultimatum may have to be made. Show him what is possible with some determination. Not everyone you keep company with has to be an Olympic record holder. Everyone has different ambitions in life. This is absolutely fine. But don’t complain about the people in your life and then continue to spend time with them. You don’t need extra distractions. If the friendship is one where you are always giving while the other person takes, then you need to get out. Friendships should be balanced. This means that both parties should be benefiting from the interactions. Don’t wake up in 10 years and realise that you haven’t done anything. Fake friends can do that to you, if you let them. The chains may have to be taken off sooner rather than later. See you soon.

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