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Long Distance Relationships: How to Survive

They say true love can overcome every obstacle that comes in its way. But, can you say the same for a long distance relationship? I’m not so sure. However, if you think you can pull this thing out, then you better be prepared for long Skype sessions.

Communication is all that matters in these cases. Try to talk to each other as much as possible and use every mean of communication you own to contact the other person. But also, try to understand that this may not happen as often as you wish. There are going to be days when communication will be significantly reduced and you’ll just have to deal with it.

Trust plays a big role in the whole ‘long distance’ story. Partners in long distance relationships have to completely trust each other. Otherwise, the whole thing has no point.

Try to do similar things together, at the same time. For example, drink your morning coffee in front of your computer and wish your beloved one a good morning; pick a movie together and watch it at the same time, then share opinions about it; play games online; read the same book and comment on it after you’re done with it; listen to your favorite music together etc… Just use your imagination and be open to any suggestion that comes from the other side of the screen. This includes naughty stuff, too. Don’t be afraid to express your sexuality through the phone or the computer screen.

Long distance relationships can have its advantages, as well. Seeing it through another perspective can improve your connection. Wonder how? Well, it gives you the chance to miss the other person. Therefore, you’ll use the time together only to express passion and love, since you won’t have the time to argue so much. My point is, you’ll probably think: Why fighting over trivial things, when I can use the little time we have to show him/her my love? Think about it. It’s not that bad as it sounds. It’s worth trying and you have nothing to lose.

At the beginning, make sure you are both willing to make efforts for this thing to work out. Long distance relationships are the hardest – especially when we all know ‘out of sight, out of mind’ always turns out to be true.

If you are an optimist with a high tolerance (and madly in love, of course), then you may have a chance to try maintaining smooth relations in a distance.

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