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Relationship Advice – 5 Long Distance Relationship Mistakes To Avoid!

Carrying on a long distance relationship comes with its own set of built-in problems. Then there are the problems or mistakes which need not exist, the ones we fabricate on our own. Here are a few of the additional mistakes many individuals unnecessarily add to a long distance relationship.

Not allowing enough space. No one is denying being apart can definitely strain a relationship. But at the same time, you have to be willing to allow your partner the same space you would if they were with you in the same town. Instead, we over-compensate and try to smother them with attention, phone calls, emails, texts, etc. It’s fine to show your affection for one another. But you can easily carry it too far and smother your partner with too much attention.

Becoming stagnant in the relationship. Okay, so you’re part and there’s no chance you are going to be spending a lot of quality time with your partner anytime soon. So why put the same level of effort into the relationship, right? Because you still have to maintain the closeness or you are guaranteed to grow apart. Even if you aren’t able to see each other in person on a regular basis, you still have to put forth the effort to let your partner know you really do still care for them.

Looking for a way out. If you are recently separated and you are already looking for a reason why a long distance relationship won’t work, then you are working off of emotions you already had buried deep down inside you. Now is not your opportunity to act on them. If this is your mentality, then you are better off calling your partner up and coming clean so you can work through your issues.

Lacking faith. Faith may move mountains but a lack of it can sink relationships. You should have at least the same amount of faith in your relationship when its long distance as you would when you are together in the same town. In fact, in some instances your faith could increase due to the added pressures of being separated. If it falters, you have a problem.

Flying solo. When you are together, you make certain decisions on your own. When you are apart, you still have to make some of the same decisions. But do you still ask for your partner’s input? If not, why? They’re still the same decisions, so they deserve the same input… from both of you. If you try to exclude your partner, there would have to be a reason why. How would you answer that question?

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