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To Be Or Not To Be: How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Having a relationship that is separated by miles of oceans and continents, you might wonder about the phrase “absence makes a heart grow fonder” if ever it is involved in a long distance relationship. Such kind of relationship has various factors that may hinder and cause some problems that can be faced along the road. Although you may think that having this kind of relationship would certainly fail with all these hindrances, there is still a standing beacon of hope that stands between a drastic long distance relationship with a much better one. All you need to do is follow these simple things and you are very much guided to a foreseeable good outcome with your far distanced relationship.

Plan Some Ground Rules.

In any forms of communication between you and your mate, you must be able to consider and create the common ground rules that both of you must be able to follow. These ground rules will lay the foundation of trust and common grounds for both of you in the relationship you just signed up for. With all these rules that the both of you must abide, it may increase the likelihood to have a monogamous relationship despite of the distance between the two of you.

When making these basic rules to govern your relationship, you must also be able to ask your partner for his or her own ideas and things he or she can add up. If both of you have contributed around the table, you can definitely be assured of a much “rule abiding” distant partner.

Never be a Nagger!

Even though speaking to your partner on a constant manner can help you maintain the strong foundations you have built. However, nagging your partner to the certain point that it could definitely be destructive and disruptive to their daily activities may not be a good idea at all. Cut all the small talks with your distant partner, be contented with scheduled and quality talks with your partner. Besides, once your mate can see that you are choking them really hard, they will more likely to end the relationship the both of you are into.

Be Firm With Your Commitment.

The whole long distance relationship is kind of simple, you may want it to work or you just don’t. If you would not want it to be working, then simply it really won’t do. Being able to embrace the idea that you are dating and exclusively having a relationship with someone is a hard thing in a long distance relationship. Tons of trials and temptations along the roads are installed for both of you and your mate, but if you are definitely willful and firm about your commitments then you are definitely on the right track.

Time is of the Essence.

Spend your time together talking with things that you would want to catch up. Try to ask your partner the things that happened to them and ask some things that you would have a clarification. Never spend brawling with your partner, you’ll lose some precious time with your mate with that. Try to bring out every positive energy and good things every second of your conversation. Let them know every minute that you will always be there for them, as they would make their every decisions in life.

Time is one of the key elements, next to communication, that should be given importance once you are in far distanced relationships. Having this key element is such a privilege for the both of you.

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