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A Look at the Spirit of Pentecost

The Spirit of Pentecost was delivered to humanity by Christ Jesus after completing His functional salvation message, as a comforter, the second step of the Fathers gift is given. He appeared as cloven tongues of fire igniting on the heads of those in the upper room who were expectantly waiting to receive what Christ Jesus was to reveal to them from Father God.

The first representatives of humanity Adam & Eve, were tempted to abandon God (Spirit) in the Garden, hiding in fear (the result of abandoning God (Spirit), choosing to live by knowledge only, without God (Spirit). The promise was that they would be like God. Adam & Eve along with everyone else born of flesh, in all human effort, could not get full value of knowledge without Spirit (God).

At Pentecost the people on the street understood the new message of the Realm of the Spirit needed to augment knowledge and believed. 3000 souls believed what was heard in their own language (tongue) becoming the first new converts. Going back home with the new message enlivened the first missionaries. Their own home people starting new congregations in the newly understood languages. The gift of other tongues had the effect of the awakening knowledge in the Spirit of the Love of God. The Love of God is completed in other people.

God so Loved humanity He gives Spirit Life without condemnation or judgement. The Love of God is a Compassionate Spirit that is always determinately reaching out with longing desire. While we were yet sinners He is reaching out, not passionately, but with the Compassion of desire to return people their rightful position of dominion of the earth. The knowledge humanity, without Spirit is aware of, is the knowledge of the comforting passion of flesh. Compassion is the determinate non-sympathic Comfort of Spirit, the overwhelming desire to return mankind to his original Spirit Image.

The second wave of new converts, 5000, were the Jews in Jerusalem. After the infilling of the Spirit of God the disciples left the upper room and went into Jerusalem. There they formed committees to meet the needs of the residents, estimating 20,000, in the city at the time. The people heard the new language, a language of Compassion was understood from their needs both physical and Spiritual being met. Approximately 25% of the people in Jerusalem at the time believed.

It is no surprise that the coming of the Spirit of God to mankind would be instrumentally responsible for God to have had a such a huge beginning, 8,000 converts. All understanding the message of the Realm of the Spirit, Compassionate Love. The message is not new, but since the fall from Grace, it has been used to glorify the ego of mankind. Churches are wondering why they have become involved with the religion of self and a spirit of selfhood.

With the coming of the Indwelling Spirit at Pentecost, a New Language the language of Compassion Love indwelt mankind. Compassionate Love responds to needy folks in the Newly received and understood Language of Compassion. Humanity has opted not with the Love Language of Joy and Peace but the passionate bipolar happy/sad language.

The Graced Attitudes of Joy and Peace, announced at the birth of Jesus, is the basis to describe the Love of God.

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