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Life in the City After Years Spent in the Country

Retiring to live on a farm in the country was like living in a worldly paradise. The rural way of life exists at a slower pace, achieved without the rush one experiences when living in the city. Neighbours are friendly and caring and the homes not built on top of each other. Generally, the style of life is so much more relaxed and casual than that of city living.

Country living provides air that is fresh and wholesome. You savour the luxury of taking in sights that are calm and melodious with never-ending expanses of open land

The usual daily sights for one to take in and enjoy are scenes of sheep nibbling away at whatever they can find in the fields to eat, as well as cows happily lazing in the sunshine.

The eye sees acres of wheat softly blow in the wind, as well as tractors slowly ploughing fields in preparation for crop planting. At harvest time there is much activity as the farmers hastily reap the wheat, canola, or other crops before they become too dry.

All this provides tranquillity that is so preferable to the noise emitted from cars speeding as fast as possible on the over-crowded city roads. Life such as this is bliss, but like all good things that come to an end. Unfortunately, may continuing to remain in the country for you come to an end for one reason or another.

Returning to the city can prove quite a traumatic experience. The different ways and lifestyles of the people you encounter can certainly give you a jolt. In the country, people have time for you whereas in the city the daily demands do not encourage lengthy conversations or visits not arranged beforehand. Certainly, nobody just pops in for a cup of tea and a cookie without a prior invitation.

However, it does not take too long for the adjustment to the hustle and different styles of everyday life. You even learn to switch off from constantly hearing the neighbours dogs repetitive barking or the noise from the planes coming to land or take off at a nearby airport.

Spending time catching up with the news from friends from the past and enjoying a cup of coffee at the shopping malls provides one now with many pleasant interludes. Also, there is now the opportunity to go for trips to the movies or to see stage shows. Visiting art galleries and museums is limited when living in the country and become easily accessible when living in a town. So, after all, there is much to gain from city living!

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